“Tree Saver” Strap 8’x3″ Factor 55

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Factor 55

“Tree Saver” Strap 8’x3″ Factor 55 FC 00077

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Factor 55 finally releases a low energy storing Tree Saver Strap. These straps are not constructed like typical recovery/snatch straps. The Tree Saver Strap is not designed to store energy from stretch. They are designed to serve as a versatile link to attach to trees and or vehicles and are constructed of an ultra low stretch (low energy storage) polyester, not high stretch nylon like typical snatch straps.


  • Length: 2,43 m (8′)
  • Width: 7,62 cm (3″)
  • Working Load Limits clearly labeled for straight, basket and choker configurations

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Peso 2000 kg