FlatLink Splicer shackle Red Factor 55

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Factor 55

FlatLink Splicer Shackle Red Factor 55 FC 00375-01

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At Factor 55 we don’t believe in engineering compromises. That’s why we produce all of our products from aerospace quality materials. From 6000 and 7000 series aluminums, to 6AL-4V titanium double shear pins, we strive to offer you the very best designs made from the very best materials. Factor 55 products are designed and manufactured using state of the art technologies. All of our products are designed using SolidWorks CAD systems and stress analyzed using COSMOS Finite Element Simulation software. The FEA results allow us to optimize a design concept by adding or removing material or changing material properties where necessary.

Smart off roaders have known for years that the most secure way to use your recovery winch is replace the hook with a common screw pin shackle. Unless you are competing, the added seconds required to use a shackle versus a hook during a vehicle recovery is not worth the safety risk associated with standard winch hooks.

Innovative design allows the FlatLink Splicer to be stowed with the groove side facing towards the winch, thus eliminating all exposed winch rope from damaging UV light and impact/abrasion. So for all of you off-roaders that are looking for a splice-on rope thimble that completely protects the end of your winch rope without compromising your vehicle approach angle.


  • Replace conventional winch hooks with a safer more secure shackle/D-ring
  • Screw pin shackles are up to 5X stronger than conventional winch hooks
  • Lightweight – Precision CNC machined 6000 series aluminum
  • Recover straps cannot slip out of a shackle like they can with hook
  • Easy to install
  • Powder coat finish


  • Designed for synthetic winch ropes ONLY

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Peso 2000 kg
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Jeep Grand Cherokee WK-WH 2005 - 2010